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Abbey Lane Driving School has been a trusted name in driver education since 1975 providing 1000's of satisfied teens and adults with a solid foundation in safe and defensive driving education.

Abbey Lane Driving School;
is a member of the CAA Approved School Network,
has been Voted Best Driving School in Mississauga in local newpapers many times,
is a Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Course Provider, and
is a long standing Accredited Member of the Driving School Association of Ontario.


Our Mission:

Abbey Lane's professional driver training and road safety educators will let you discover how to;


Handle your car safely and comfortably
Reduce your chances of collision involvement
Control emergency situations
Obtain your driver's license

We provide our customers with a learning and service experience that consistently satisfies each individual's needs in a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

We view our work as an opportunity to act as positive role models that instill in our students a sense of purpose, pride and perseverance, and a belief in their own ability to obtain their driver's license as well as to handle the most complex traffic situations with confidence.