Student Testimonials

“Abbey Lane is indeed a fantastic driving school, and combined with excellent customer service and outstanding teaching techniques it’s going to be win-win for Abbey Lane all the way!”

“Thanks again for your help. I will never have regretted that I have chosen your school for my driver training. You have the dedication and you take pride in your chosen craft. It shows in the way you handle your classes; whether in the in-class sessions or on the road. And I greatly respect you for that…Many thanks to you and your staff for this wonderful experience.”

“Thank you for not only being a teacher, but a friend. You know it’s scary as a mom to realize that your daughter is going to drive and be responsible for all the lives of the people who enter her car, but I feel better, as a mother, knowing that she was taught by someone like you. You obviously care about your students and their safety. Thank you for all your wisdom and laughs, Lisa told me all about you!”

"We have now had two sons take their Driver’s Education through your program and we have been extremely pleased. Both of our sons commented on the very positive and well run classroom segments of your course, noting how you were able to keep the kids’ attention so well. They also found the in-car lessons to be extremely valuable and well run… In addition, as the parent, I have found you to be so helpful and accommodating some of our unusual scheduling needs and in booking the G2 test. You have a great variety of options for how to take the course. And the lady in reception is wonderfully warm and friendly… Both our sons got their G2s on their first attempt and the both found the environment at the [examination center] more relaxed and conducive to passing thanks to your presence there and the good relationships that Abbey Lane has developed there…Thanks for investing in our children and in the young drivers in our region – we are quick to recommend Abbey Lane to our friends."

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of driving with our son, John. He’s even correcting me now! You have made driving an enjoyable time for him and thanks to Abbey Lane’s program he has been made much more aware of situations. We’ll see you in one year’s time for his highway driving exam and you’ll probably have to teach our daughter next!”

“To a First Class Driving School, I would like to thank everyone associated with Abbey Lane Driver Training… I feel that I have become a better driver thanks to you, and I hope that all your present and future students are as successful as I have been.”

“Thank you for teaching my daughter so well, both in the physical driving skills and the mental thought patterns required to be courteous and safe behind the wheel. She had nothing but good things to say and truly enjoyed the learning experience, which, as I’m sure you know, is not always the case. As a parent, you have given me greatly increased peace of mind.”

“I want to thank you for an awesome four days… I want to thank you for all your great stories; ones that I’ve already started to tell my younger brother and family… I’ve learned more about driving and life than a whole school year… I can’t say how much I’ve enjoyed being in your class!”

“I would like to thank you for your efforts in instructing Kyle over the last few months. He benefited from your experience and patience to become a very competent young driver. The excellent reputation that Abbey Lane has with the examiners is a testament to your high standards and principles.”

“Thanks a million for all your patience, kindness, help and support. I couldn’t have done it without you. I really do appreciate all your hard work and the extra time you gave me…not to mention the constant flow of encouragement! Learning to drive with you was a very happy experience, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed!”

“I just wanted to thank you once again for your help in the restoring of my self-confidence as far as my driving is concerned. [My examiner] said she could see I had been working hard and she also asked if I had taken any refresher lessons. I told her I had you to thank… you can imagine I’m sure, how relieved I am [to have passed]!”

“I passed my G2 Exit Exam! Thank you so much for your help and encouragement when I needed it. Without your excellent school I would not be driving. Several times I tried, and now finally, I am a driver. I would like to extend a special thank you to my driving instructor."

“Thanks for your professionalism, kindness and support. It made all the difference!”                           

“I have enjoyed your course a lot, a great way to end the summer! You are an awesome teacher and I just wanted to thank you!”

“Thanks for the educational classes, you made learning fun. I wish all my teachers were as humorous!”